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Saturday, December 5, 2009

WHO AM I? Good Answers during Job Interview.

List of qualities you can answer during job interviews. Also, with this one, you will know more about yourself. And don’t forget, all of which are author’s personality.

I graduated just recently, am rearing to go and more than ready to work hard to prove myself.
I’ve passed the exam for Professional – Civil Service.
I am fast learner and looking forward to start my career in an established company.
I can work with anyone or on my own.
I am self-taught and motivate myself.
I’m not rushing things about my career. I am willing to start at the beginning and follow orders from more experienced than me.
My goal is to learn the process and flow of business and eventually, someday, you’ll see me as one of your asset for I’m willing to grow with the company.
I am fluent in English language. It’s just that once in a while I mispronounced some words because of regional accent. Nevertheless, I’m working hard to correct it and being corrected is accepted and appreciated.
I can drive a motorcycle and operate a fork lift machine.
President’s Lister and Dean’s Lister.
I graduated as Graduating Scholar.
I have self-disciplined and I’ll make sure all is in order.
I do things in logical process and with practical solutions.
I know when, how and whom to listen to.
I approach my assignments seriously and with intense focus.
I view the big picture.
I have general knowledge on legal matter and on basic accounting.
With good inter-personal skill. Manifested by being elected as External Representative for Economics Research Society (ECONRES).
I have good analytical mind. In Civil Service Exam, it’s in analogy where I got high score.
I gather more information before starting a project.
I love reading, specially, about money matter and self-development. I had read books of Robert Kiyosaki. I have books about online investing, stock investing, and more money books.
I love listening to educational audio. I’d listened P.T Barnum’s The Art of Money Getting, and so many others.
I’m into blogging and learning all that related to it e.g Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Keyword Optimization, Proper Lay-outing, etc.
I believe in “it pays to work hard”.
I am proficient in Microsoft Office, Deep Web Searching. Knowledge of Boolean Logic, Lead Generation.
I have General knowledge on Computer hardware and software.

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