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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Training Notes

  • The trainer speaks loud. And it's hard to comprehend his accent.
  • My colleagues are active in asking queries that are basics. In the same manner as answering questions that already answered.
  • Erasing the white board eat some time. Time is gold.
  • It reminds me of college life which my colleagues/classmates are busy taking down notes while am doing something else.
  • An hour & half, some are falling asleep, some still active and some talking to each other.
  • The 10-minute break is not enough to wake me up. I'm now physically active but mentally absent.
  • Nakakaantok na talaga! In line with this, an idea came to mind, “how to avoid losing focus on job training”. Just browse it here if I did.
  • The trainer favourite line are “clear?, fine?, is it okay?”.
  • Is it possible to take a nap while in training session?
  • While on training one of my colleague is searching the internet in his mobile phone. And I see him watching video. I wish I can do that as well, unfortunately, I don't have cellphone like he had.

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