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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pros and Cons of Online Dating Service

New generation technology creates new possibilities for life. With the emergence of Information Age, ways of getting a partner in life changes as well. A lot of avenues are available to everyone to find the right one whom you spend and share love with like using the internet e.g. online dating service. Could online dating be the right for you? Or should you try online dating?

As with other services offered in the worldwide web, online dating has pros and cons. First and foremost, online dating is easily accessible to everyone like other social networking sites which carries advantages and disadvantages to anyone subscribe to it. The advantage of it being easily accessible is that you can get what you need in just few click of your mouse you got a partner easily as 1-2-3. Disadvantages of easily accessible sites are security concern and personal information of yours will be known by hackers specially your credit card details.
Secondly, online dating like other service, client will pay for it. The advantage of it is that online dating service requires minimal payment. While the cons, aside from being rob because of sharing your credit card details, there are hidden charges and/or requires you to purchase something from the site.
Furthermore, online dating provides the opportunity of meeting someone from the other side of the world which, of course, carries positive and negative implication. Positive side is that there is a chance of learning other’s culture and personality. On the other hand, is he/she telling the truth or not? Honesty is such a word that everyone hesitate to share in complex world of
Another issue in online dating is the mutual feeling or admiration with each other. It benefits both of them because they know someone’s physical attributes before they meet. The admiration will then start in an instant and they can go further for more advance steps in online dating, and also, it is easy to withdraw or turn down someone you really don’t like based on what he/she look like. The other side of it is when you met in person and you found out that his/her physical attributes is quite different in webcam than in person. For that reason, your effort and admiration will vanish. Also, profiles can be manipulated so that someone will look good even it’s not.
Finally, online dating affects one’s social life. When you are afraid of the outside world, then online dating will be a good start to socialize. Nervousness towards interacting with the opposite sex in the web is slighter than talking face to face. For that matter, the attitude and realization of socializing will change. On the other hand, the effect of not use to socialize in real outside world will eliminate the chance of truthfully knowing that person. Eventually it will leads to being anti-social and you tend to avoid people.
Hence, having read the pros and cons of online dating, should you try it? Just beware. Investigate before signing in. Read through this article again. And ask yourself, why you need to do it?

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